Ambassador of the Year Award Nominations are still being accepted for RCN Conference 2022

This award is designed to recognize innovative professionals who are eagerly adopting reality capture technologies, are proactively expanding its use cases, and have gone the extra mile to stimulate technological change within their company or industry. 


If you would like to recognize someone who is leading the charge in reality capture technology adoption and making a difference through educating others, you may nominate them below. Two individuals will be selected for their efforts in forward thinking, innovation, and reality capture technology implementation. 


Nominations will close September 1st, 2022. Award recipients will be limited to RCN Conference 2022 attendees and will be announced during the event. Winner must be present to receive the award.

2022 RCN Ambassador of the Year Award Nominations

Thank you for participating in the Reality Capture Awards 2022 Nominations!

Winners will be announced at the RCN Conference 2022.