Episode 02: Matt Higgins

Sharpen Your Mindset as a Business Owner During the Time of COVID

The Reality Capture Network is proud to present Matt Higgins as our featured guest on Episode 02 of the RCN Podcast.


Matt is a man of many talents - from investing to creating to motivational speaking. Despite dropping out of high school, Matt went on to earn his law degree from Fordham University. He became the youngest press secretary in New York City history and handled the monumental challenge of seeing the city through the 9/11 attacks. He went on to create RSE Ventures, an investment firm with a knack for discovering fledgling businesses. He also works with Gary Vaynerchuk to incubate emerging talent.


His expertise in investing led him to become a recurring Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank. Matt also specializes in sports ventures and is the Vice-President of the Miami Dolphins, launched the International Champions Cup and established the Drone Racing League. 

Some Questions We Ask Matt Higgins:

(1:39) How did you get to where you are now? Was there anything about your past that led you here?

(6:57) What is your favorite thing about being on Shark Tank?

(20:38) Have you ever heard of reality capture technology?

(23:06 ) What kind of real world applications have you seen for VR?

(27:13 ) What actions, defensive or offensive, would you recommend to business owners and leaders during the time of crisis?


Some Things You’ll Learn:

(2:22) Matt’s perspective on overcoming the stigma of being a high school drop out

(10:30) Why Matt believes everyone needs to find their voice

(11:53) How transitions in marketing trends have allowed individual business owners to become their own content creators and why that is so powerful

(15:02) Why Matt thinks LinkedIn is “the single most underestimated content machine ever unleashed and known to man”

(17:07) Matt’s personal strategy for learning anything new, such as a new social media platform

(19:32) Matt’s tactics for growing engagement on LinkedIn

(21:25) How Matt has been a catalyst for the Drone Racing League

(29:16) Which questions all business owners and leaders should be asking themselves during and following the time of COVID - should we be pivoting?

(30:12) How to be honest with yourself as a business and not conflate problems in your business model with problems caused by COVID

(31:19) Why businesses are afraid to pivot during times of crisis

(32:44) Matt’s advice on how to think about fear-based predictions

(33:59) The positive optimizations that Matt believes we should keep after COVID is no longer a crisis


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