Episode 04: Krisjan Hiner of Stack Rock Group

Using Technology to Expand the Realm of Landscape Architecture​

Krisjan Hiner is an Idaho-based entrepreneur, photographer, web designer and marketing consultant. He runs multiple companies, including Stack Rock Group, an environmentally sustainable landscape company, and Sub-Marketing, a marketing consulting business. He also curates the story-telling platform, The Constructivist, for professionals in real estate and construction. Join us as we listen to his perspective on collaborating with other small businesses, the value of marketing skills in technology and construction firms, and running a business during the time of COVID-19. 


Question Guide for this Episode:

(1:06) What is Krisjan’s background?

(15:27) How did Stack Rock Group begin?

(18:11) What does a landscape architecture firm do?

(21:18) What is Krisjan’s favorite type of project?

(23:58) How are 3D imaging technologies used in landscape architecture?

(27:53) What are the potential use cases for laser scanning in landscape architecture?

(36:50) How involved is Krisjan in virtual reality and what are some of the use cases?


Extra Learnings:

(39:48) The benefits of building great business relationships

(45:14) How will collaborating with other businesses provide a better experience for clients?

(50:50) What will you find on Krisjan’s podcasts? How should someone start up a podcast?

(54:05) How is Krisjan motivating his employees during COVID-19?


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