Episode 05: Salla Eckhardt of Microsoft

Implementing Reality Capture in the Digital Building Lifecycle 

Salla Eckhardt is the Director of Transformation Services at Microsoft. She is a passionate and inspiring innovation leader and a change agent for the global construction and real estate industry. She is recognized as an industry game changer, and one of the most innovative and forward-thinking people in the sector. Her focus is on successful business transformation of the AECO industry with four key components: engaging stakeholders in full digital building lifecycle, communicating shared objectives in smart buildings, driving digital transformation in smart cities, and determining coherent ways to maximize productivity and innovation with intelligent cloud & intelligent edge.


She has a proven track record of successfully managing multimillion-dollar projects and programs with democratic leadership style. Salla is a frequent public speaker in national and international industry forums evangelizing digital transformation and its impact on people, business, and technology.


She earned her Master of Science degree from Tampere University of Technology and has over 15 years of experience in working collaboratively with senior management teams in both academia and industry. Salla has authored and co-authored multiple award-winning publications on emerging technology, innovation, BIM, and construction management impacting the $217 trillion real-estate business. Her thesis work has been adopted in the national BIM standard in the USA and European Union.

Question Guide  for this Episode:

(1:12) What is your background?

(6:21) How do you use data capture within a building lifecycle?

(8:19)  What are your thoughts regarding using laser scanning in your work?

(9:51) What are the benefits of using laser scanning versus older methods of capturing building data?

(12:21)  What challenges do you see with using the new technology? 

(14:30) What has been your experience in finding the right technology or service providers to do scanning work for you? 

(16:25) What challenges does Microsoft face in trying to utilize a network of providers to do these jobs?

(18:47) Which of the existing technologies is your team pulling into your work? 

(20:07) What type of new software would you like to see developed? 

(21:29) What type of new hardware would you like to see developed? 


Extra Learnings:

(10:14)  Everything that can be captured using laser scanning

(13:22)  Making laser scanning more user friendly and cost effective

(17:42) The benefits of educating yourself on the the variances of reality capture


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