Episode 06: J. Daniel Jenkins of John Daniel Jenkins Architect, LLC 

Utilizing Reality Capture in Disney Theme Park Architecture

J. Daniel Jenkins, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP is a consulting design executive, licensed architect and author with 21 years of proven, real-world design and project management experience. Jenkins graduated with a five-year Master of Architecture degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design, completed a year long independent study for Stanford University’s School of Engineering and worked for ​Walt Disney Imagineering for seven years as the Senior Project Design Manager. Upon leaving Walt Disney Imagineering in 2017, Jenkins started his own design management consulting company, J. Daniel Jenkins Architect. He is also the author of the book, The Design Manager: Successful Management of the Design Process. 


Question Guide for this Episode:

(0:20) What is your background? 

(6:08) When did you first start to use laser scanning in your work?

(10:02) Why did Disney start using laser scanning in their theme parks?

(12:29) Were you creating individual project scans at Disney or did you create a living as-built document for the entire park? 

(15:48) Within point cloud and scanning projects, what are some challenges you’ve seen? 

(18:24) What is your experience using drones, aerial, LIDAR or photogrammetry in projects?

(20:44) Have you used panoramic imagery to create virtual tours?

(21:58) What kind of scanners and technology are you using today?

(22:37) What was your experience with virtual reality? 

(25:09) What tools and processes do you use to manage teams?

(29:42) What is your focus today? 

(33:40) What product would you bring back from the future? 


Extra Learnings:

(9:08) Challenges of using scanning technology in a theme park

(24:14) Using virtual reality in theme parks

(36:42) Mathew Byrd tells us what he’s excited for in the future of reality capture


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