Episode 07: Zachary Wassenberg of Burns & McDonnell

Change Management for Introducing New Technologies

As an XR innovation manager, specializing in extended reality, wearable technology, and GIS, Zachary researches, scopes, and deploys new technologies throughout Burns & McDonnell. He is recognized for his insights in augmented reality technology solutions and is leading Burns & McDonnell's enterprise deployment of VisualSpection + RealWear, an augmented reality software and hardware for field users. Zachary received his bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Kansas State University. He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Kansas.


Question Guide for this Episode:

(0:27) Tell us a little bit about yourself?

(8:36) What are some hands-on use cases for laser scanning that you’ve seen at Burns & McDonnell?

(26:09) What are some of the new technologies and innovations that your team is utilizing or interested in? 

(28:54) How does your firm manage the storage and delivering of data? 

(31:32) Which computers does your team use?

(32:27) What are the biggest challenges your team is facing right now? 

Extra Learnings:

(6:10) Burns and McDonell’s response to COVID19

(13:00) The benefits of virtual opportunities for businesses

(15:35) How to think about change management when deploying new technologies into an organization or industry

(16:16) Tips on how to justify the value of introducing new technologies to executives or decision makers

(24:07) What is a data lake and what is the biggest hurdle that is preventing the industry from operating with them regularly?

(26:36) Advantage of having wearable augmented reality hardware and what Zachary hopes to see happen with wearable devices

(46:08) Advice to a business who wants to start trying to introduce laser scanning


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