Episode 08: Nayda Venizelos of R3DFox Studio 

3D Technology in Filmmaking and Entertainment

Nayda Venizelos is an experienced industrial designer who specializes in 3D scanning, 3D modeling, digital sculpting and 3D printing. She has worked with LucasFilm, Marvel Studios and Legendary Entertainment and is the Creative Director for R3DFox Studio in London. She's worked in film, retail, TV and fashion industries and is comfortable in both workshop and design studio. Working across multiple interconnected fields, she brings comprehensive solutions for a variety of 3D design and building needs.


Question Guide for this Episode:

(0:43) What is your background? 

(10:20) What has been your focus within the film industry? 

(13:06) Do you have any experience with terrestrial scanning or building?

(15:32) What is your workflow for scanning a prop? 

(17:23) What challenges do you face with using this technology in your industry? 

(19:31)What challenges do you face with processing the data and turning it into as builts? 

(21:50) Do you have any experience working in the gaming industry? 

(22:48) Where do you see the future of VR heading? 


Extra Learnings:

(5:27) - Helping the film industry to see 3D models and printing as a tool, not a replacement for jobs

(26:33) Working as a 3D scanner freelancer


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