Episode 09: Shaun Lewis of Clark Construction Group 

Selecting the Right Laser Scanner for the Job

Shaun Lewis started his career in civil engineering, then moved into land surveying and switched into the construction industry so that he could focus on laser scanning. He currently leads the national reality capture service offering for Clark Construction Group, LLC. He ensures the successful corporate deployment and local adoption of reality capture in order to leverage the complete construction data lifecycle, beginning with preconstruction services through construction and project turnover. Shaun also leads reality capture product delivery for Coda LLC, a construction data technology company and Clark affiliate.


Question Guide for this Episode:

(1:50) How did you end up in the reality capture industry?

(5:01) What’s your normal day-to-day role at Clark Construction?

(8:50) Do you have any applications for reality capture that are outside the norm?

(10:14) Besides construction, what other types of industries do you work with?

(11:20) What types of hardware is your team typically using?

(25:30) Are you using any mobile scanning products?

(29:23) What deliverables are you creating from your data scans?

(33:16) How do you share data with clients and manage large file sizes?

(37:42) What types of virtual reality stuff has your team interacted with?

(41:53) What types of challenges do you face using this technology?

(54:03) What futuristic product would you bring back with you to the present?

(57:44) What type of computer systems are you using?

(59:42) How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your business?


Laser scanner reviews:

(12:20) Matterport

(16:20) BLK360 scanner

(17:37) FARO series

(19:54) Leica P20

(24:14) Leica RTC360

(25:32) NavVis

Mentioned in the episode:


BLK Scanner

FARO Scanner

Leica P20 Scanner

Leica RTC360





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