Episode 11: Christie Bruno of One Nine Architecture

Reality Capture in Architecture

Christie has worked in the architecture and design world for 10 years. She earned her BFA in interior architecture from CSU-Long Beach. After working in the corporate world for eight years, she decided to create her own firm, One Nine Architecture in 2018. She also founded the non-profit One Nine for Humanity, which focuses on building homes, structural and design improvements, counseling & mentoring programs or providing supplies in communities in need. 


Question Guide for this Episode:

(0:34) Can you share a little bit of your background with us?

(5:55) What is the geographic focus of your non-profit, One Nine for Humanity?

(8:15) Where is your business located?

(8:55) What is the geographic focus of your architecture firm?

(10:22) How does your firm utilize reality capture technology?

(11:42) Are you working on ground up projects or renovations?

(13:08) What does your process look like when beginning a renovation?

(16:32) Has your firm utilized laser scanning on any projects?

(19:50) How are you utilizing panoramic images at sites?

(20:36) Are you working in Revit or CAD?

(22:22) Has your firm used virtual reality on any projects?

(25:00) What is the meaning behind your company name?

(26:28) What hurdles did you overcome to start One Nine?

(29:34) How have you been impacted by COVID-19?


Extra Learnings:

(17:32) Matt shares a little bit about the history of Nexus 3D and how it helps fill in the gaps of missing building documentation

(23:20) The types of technology that One Nine uses in the field

(31:24) The current status of One Nine’s capacity to take on more clients

Also mentioned in the episode:

Case Study of One Nine for Humanity project in Santo Thomảs


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