Episode 14: Lindsay Prichard Fox of TiverBuilt, LLC

Using Digital Design and Construction in the Residential Building Process

Lindsay Prichard-Fox is the Founder and CEO of TiverBuilt, a digital design and construction company based in Rochester, N.Y. Lindsay is a committed speaker and advocate for digital design and construction technologies and processes and believes that the more people know about it and understand its benefits, the sooner it will be adopted as a standard part of the construction delivery process. Lindsay is a Regional Lead for the international organization Women in BIM, an active Corporate member of the National Association of Women in Construction, and serves on the Board of Directors for Daystar Kids, the only pediatric health enrichment center in New York State dedicated to providing therapeutic care to children with complex healthcare.


Question Guide for this Episode:

(0:24) Can you please introduce yourself to our audience?

(1:46) How did you get into the industry?

(4:24) What challenges did you face to start your own business?

(24:18) What types of technology are you using in your company?

(43:59) What challenges are you facing in the industry?

(46:48) How do you see this technology progressing in the future?


Extra Learnings:

(4:30) How to gain construction field experience without working on a construction crew (hint: digital)

(7:28) The benefits of adding laser scanning data to existing residential drawings

(10:45) Similarities and differences between commercial and residential construction

(16:41) What is the most drastic benefit of utilizing laser scanning technology in the construction industry?

(28:09) Pros and cons of buying hardware or software from a third party seller

(40:28) Multi-use cases for laser scanning

(53:29) Advice for anyone considering entering this industry


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