Episode 15: Jocelyn Correa of QK

Disrupting the Land Surveying Industry with UAV and Drones

Jocelyn has 15 years of surveying-related experience providing technical support for a variety of projects. Her professional background includes drafting and design of residential and commercial and land development projects, survey calculations and drafting, with a heavy emphasis on title research, legal descriptions, boundary determinations, and compliance with both State and local ordinances.


In the last three years, Jocelyn has led the research and development effort to establish appropriate methodologies for UAS mission planning, control and processing to establish repeatable accuracy for aerial topographic surveys using low-altitude, high-resolution photogrammetry. Jocelyn also holds a FAA Remote Pilot certificate.


Question Guide for this Episode:

(0:37) Can you introduce yourself to us?

(3:37) What is your focus?

(4:37) How are you introducing new technology to your team?

(19:26) How is your team currently using drones?

(25:14) What challenges do you face when using UAVs?

(27:10) How many people on your team can  turn the data into deliverable?

(30:00) Is QK looking at other uses for UAVs?

(31:17) What other reality capture technology are you using?

(39:58) Has reality capture technology benefited your company during COVID?

(41:53) Have you used aerial LiDAR and photogrammetry with your UAVs? 

(42:44) What futuristic piece of technology or fix would you bring back to the present?

Extra Learnings:

(2:51) Geographic reach and services offered at QK

(7:18) How the decline of new surveyors and the slow adoption of technology is impacting surveying

(12:50) The dangers of jumping too quickly into a new piece of technology

(46:00) Jocelyn encourages current surveyors to share their work in order to encourage new surveyors to the field


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