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In Episode 01 of the RCN Podcast, podcast host Matthew Byrd and podcast producer Phillip Ellering introduce the podcast and discuss why Matthew has set out to create a network of reality capture professionals. 

"Our goal is to start educating clients on all the reality capture technologies available, all the pros and cons, all the benefits, all the concerns."

- Matthew Byrd

Show Notes

(01:00) Why Matthew chose to start a podcast about reality capture technology

(04:20) Why the Reality Capture Network has to potential to be very powerful

(07:30) Is there a business that would not benefit from laser scanning?

(09:45) Reality Capture Network strives for diversity of reality capture education

Matthew Byrd is the founder and president of Nexus 3D Consulting and the Reality Capture Network. Serving as a 3d technology advisor for companies around the world, Matthew has helped hundreds of teams successfully integrate reality capture technology into their projects. Matthew is the host of the Reality Capture Network Podcast.

Matthew Byrd

Matthew Byrd

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Phillip Ellering is the producer of the Reality Capture Network. He has garnered multiple accolades for his storytelling abilities in filmmaking and graphic design.  His artwork has been featured in galleries in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and he’s produced a feature film that was distributed worldwide. 

Phil Ellering

Phillip Ellering

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