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In Episode 02 of the RCN Podcast, Matt Higgins from Shark Tank shares his perspective on being a business owner and achieving success during COVID.

“All you business owners out there,  think about the lasting changes that are about optimization that were revealed during COVID. Those are going to stay with us. Does that open new opportunities for your business?”

- Matthew Higgins

Show Notes

(02:20) Overcoming the stigma of being a high school dropout 

(06:55)  Matt’s favorite thing about being on Shark Tank

(11:50) How transitions in marketing have allowed individual business owners to become their own content creators

(17:00) Matt’s personal strategy for learning anything new

(19:30) Tactics for growing engagement on LinkedIn

(21:25) The Drone Racing League

(29:15) Questions for business owners and leaders to be asking during COVID

(30:10) Reminder to not conflate problems with your business model with problems caused with COVID

(32:40) Tips on how to think about fear-based predictions

(34:00) Positive optimizations to come from COVID

Matt Higgins earned his law degree from Fordham University and became the youngest press secretary in New York City history. He went on to create RSE Ventures, an investment firm with a knack for discovering fledgling businesses. His expertise in investing led him to become a recurring Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank. Matt is the Vice-President of the Miami Dolphins, launched the International Champions Cup and established the Drone Racing League.

Matt Higgins

Matt Higgins

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