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with Sam Dougherty & Michael Warren

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 In Episode 03 of the RCN Podcast, Sam Dougherty and Michael Warren of AECOM talk about how large companies like AECOM are using reality capture technology.

"That's the beauty of what we do: taking something that is inherently unintelligible (like a point cloud), moving that through all the levels of complexity, and then turning around putting it in a package that anyone can use."

- Sam Dougherty

Show Notes

(06:00) Sam and Michael’s favorite reality capture technologies

(12:40) What is BOMA

(14:00) Using survey control on projects

(15:00) Handheld scanners versus terrestrial scanners

(18:20) Reality capture technology is replacing the use of inaccurate records or as-built documentation 

(22:00) Implementing reality capture throughout the phases of construction tells a story over time and allows you to see the things that become hidden

(23:20) Using reality capture for safety training in enclosed spaces

(27:00) Virtual facilities and virtual site documentation can allow work to continue to be done without the need to travel to the facility 

(28:00) Reality capture use case: evaluating oil and gas facilities  

(30:00) The challenges with hosting and sharing reality capture data

(35:20) Adopting reality capture technology within a workflow or company 

(38:20) Using scan data directly versus turning it back into a solid as-built model

(39:50) Adding laser scanning to topography projects

(41:25) Unique and advanced use cases for reality capture technology 

(47:50) Benefits of living as-builts

(55:00) Should a land surveyor be included in laser scanning projects?

Sam Dougherty serves as Vice President of Digital Practice and Technology at AECOM. In this role, Sam oversees asset management data gathering, terrestrial and mobile laser scanning, drone data acquisition, manned aerial acquisition, tablet data collection and modern surveying data collection techniques. 

Sam Dougherty

Sam Dougherty

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Michael Warren is AECOM’s Americas Director of Digital Practice & Technology. Michael has over 25 years of diverse professional design and construction experience after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree and master’s candidate concentration in Public Policy and Management.

Michael Warren

Michael Warren

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