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In Episode 5 of the RCN Podcast, Salla Eckhardt of Microsoft talks about the digital building lifecycle and the built environment phenomena. 

“The beauty of laser scanning is that you get very accurate data and it’s easy to consume, because you can actually have the 3D format of what you captured. The end users have a lot of ways to consume the data about the physical environment in a digital form.”

- Salla Eckhardt

Show Notes

(1:00) Salla’s background

(4:45) Leveraging the intelligent cloud to bring the data  that is being created in the physical environment for the benefit of creating digital replica of it

(9:50) The benefits to using laser scanning instead of older data capture techniques

(12:25) The current challenges with laser scanning technologies

(14:30) Finding the right technology and service provider for the job

(18:35) The emerging technologies that Microsoft is implementing into their processes

(20:00) “Wish list” technology innovations

(21:30) Future technology: simulated reality to help guide sustainable urbanization 

(25:50) Use cases and benefits of using drones and robotics with laser scanning and artificial intelligence

(31:00) The built environment phenomena 

Salla Eckhardt is the Director of Transformation Services at Microsoft. She earned her Master of Science degree from Tampere University of Technology and has over 15 years of experience in working collaboratively with senior management teams in both academia and industry. Salla has authored and co-authored multiple award-winning publications on emerging technology, innovation, BIM, and construction management impacting the $217 trillion real-estate business. Her thesis work has been adopted in the national BIM standard in the USA and European Union.

Salla Eckhardt

Salla Eckhardt

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