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In Episode 7 of the RCN Podcast, Zachary Wassenberg of Burns & McDonnell shares change management tips for introducing new technologies into existing teams and processes. 

"Even if it's a better way to do a process, it might be a new learning curve for them, and they need some sort of support system. That's where change management comes in."

- Zachary Wassenberg

Time Stamps

(0:27) Zachary's background

(8:36) What are some hands-on use cases for laser scanning that you’ve seen at Burns & McDonnell?

(13:00) The benefits of virtual opportunities for businesses

(15:35) How to think about change management when deploying new technologies into an organization or industry

(16:16) Tips on how to justify the value of introducing new technologies to executives or decision makers

(24:07) What is a data lake and what is the biggest hurdle that is preventing the industry from operating with them regularly?

(26:36) Advantage of having wearable augmented reality hardware and what Zachary hopes to see happen with wearable devices

(31:32) Which computers Burns & McDonnell team member use

(32:27) The biggest challenges Burns & McDonnell faces

(46:08) Advice to a business who wants to start trying to introduce laser scanning

As an XR innovation manager, specializing in extended reality, wearable technology, and GIS, Zachary researches, scopes, and deploys new technologies throughout Burns & McDonnell. He is recognized for his insights in augmented reality technology solutions and is leading Burns & McDonnell's enterprise deployment of VisualSpection + RealWear, an augmented reality software and hardware for field users. Zachary received his bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Kansas State University. He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Kansas.

Zachary Wassenberg

Zachary Wassenberg

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