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In Episode 12 of the RCN Podcast, Jeff Miller of Atkins Global shares what he has experienced in the land surveying industry and how he expects the industry to shift.

Time Stamps

(0:25) Jeff's background

(4:30) Knowing how to use both new technology tools and how to create backend data

(9:00) The disconnect between those who are selling technology and those who are actually doing the work

(16:05) Implementing new technology into a long-established company

(32:10) The difficulty of finding qualified land surveyors

(40:48) Collaboration among reality capture industries

(48:13) Finding a job that excites you

Jeff has over 29 years of Land Surveying experience working on projects all across the United States. He is a Professional Land Surveyor, licensed in Nevada. Jeff also has his Nevada Water Rights License and is a licensed FAA Drone Pilot. He currently works for Atkins North America as a Project Director, providing marketing and business development throughout the western United States. In his career, Jeff has provided surveys of all facets, including ALTA surveys, boundary surveys, topographic surveys and construction staking. Starting in 2015 he served on the board for the Nevada Association of Land Surveyors, Southern Chapter. In 2017 he was the President-Elect and in 2018 he served as the President of the Association.

Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller

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