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In Episode 13 of the RCN Podcast, Shannon Conaway of Conaway Geomatics discusses how technology advancements are strengthening the land surveying industry.  

Time Stamps

(0:58) Shannon's background

(9:30) Using new technology to attract the new generation of surveyors

(26:36) How new technology is drastically improving safety measures for surveyors

(33:29) Applications for laser scanning in surveying

(35:30) Challenges in the land surveying industry

(41:45) What piece of technology or fix would you bring backwards from the future?

(44:35) Fostering an engaged team first and then focusing on clients

(52:34) The power of collaboration within the same industry

"How are we going to create the future? We need to focus on bringing on that next generation, finding ways that we can get them to gain interest and have them carry the industry forward."

- Shannon Conaway

Shannon brings over 25 years of progressive experience in managing large infrastructure survey, mapping and GIS projects throughout California. Shannon started his survey experience in the California Army National Guard in 1986 as a field artillery surveyor. In 1996, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Surveying Engineering from California State University of Fresno and has been licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor in California since 1999. Shannon’s clients have included public utilities, water utilities, transportation agencies, state and federal government, local municipalities, oil and gas companies and private development. Through his years of experience, he has performed survey work including field collection, office processing, cradle to grave project management and served as Survey Program Manager of Southern California’s largest natural gas project.

Shannon Conaway

Shannon Conaway

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