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In Episode 18 of the RCN Podcast, Captain Kirk McKinzie of McKinzie Smart Technologies discusses leveraging reality capture technology to save lives in an emergency situation.

Time Stamps

(1:47) Captain McKinzie's background

(3:53) Captain McKinzie's first step when he realized he wanted to use reality capture technology proactively

(10:57) Having existing BIM models in place vs. people using their phones as a reality capture method in real time during an emergency

(13:54) What is the main reason for slow technology adoption?

(16:13) What needs to be done differently to help bridge the gap between available technology and adoption in your industry?

(26:23) Is there a specific device that will be able to utilize all the next generation reality capture abilities?

(29:43) Laser scanning adoption within fire investigation

(35:14) Do fire departments ever bring in third parties to perform scanning or do they always do it in-house?

"What does next gen 911 look like? It's not sending a text message or an image to the dispatch center. Next gen 911 is capable of so much more. What if everyone's phone was was enabled with exit pathways in 3D for active shooters ,earthquake, flood, fire, or other natural or man-made disasters so they knew the layout of the building?"

- Captain Kirk McKinzie

Captain Kirk McKinzie (Ret. - Cosumnes Fire Dept.), 911-GO concept developer is a 31 year fire service veteran who now serves as a subject matter expert and adjunct instructor in the field of Next-Gen SMART first response and community risk reduction. He has been well received as an advisor, speaker and author to government, enterprise, academia, start-ups and operators across the United States and internationally. Captain McKinzie’s focus is on SMART community risk reduction, 3D enhanced emergency response interoperability, remote sensing, bio-metrics, artificial intelligence, IOT, computational fluid dynamics, holographic light display, haptic feedback, 3D+ virtual/mixed/augmented reality, spatial computing and related lifesaving technological solutions.  His equity interest is life-the goal is to save one.

Kirk McKinzie

Captain Kirk McKinzie

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