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with Joel Frank and Brant Slawnikowski

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In Episode 19 of the RCN Podcast, Joel Frank of Clark Construction and Brent Slawnikowski of Faro discuss how large construction firms are using reality capture technology in concrete construction.

Time Stamps

(0:38) Brent and Joel’s backgrounds

(1:22) Using reality capture technology to verify concrete pre-pour specs and flatness

(3:50) Difficulties with bringing laser scanning in-house

(9:00) How to report issues found in a scan

(13:15) The benefits of pre-pour scanning

(15:30) Opportunities for concrete use cases for augmented reality

(18:00) Working with multiple software at a time

(19:17) The LiDAR capabilities on the iPhone

(26:15) What ways does the industry need to advance in order to make reality capture work better

(29:00) The pros and cons of using robotics (Spot) on a reality capture project

(36:30) Scanning for as-builts into Revit

(44:20) Scanning up front vs using existing drawings

(52:00) Standardization in scanning concrete

Joel Frank is a Senior Regional VDC Manager at Clark Contstruction Group, LLC.

Joel Frank

Joel Frank

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Brent brings over a decade of surveying, laser scanning and civil engineering practice to the industry. Brent graduated from Purdue University Calumet in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. During his four year tenure at Purdue Calumet, he worked as an intern for Great Lakes Engineering and two years later took the role of Project Engineer at FALK PLI Engineering & Surveying. Expanding his reach a little further, Brent relocated to Florida in 2014 where he spent a year with CAPTEC Engineering as a Project Engineer. After his one year tenure in Florida, he relocated back to Northwest Indiana, where he picked up where he left off at FALK PLI Engineering & Surveying. Seeing an opportunity to offer his knowledge and experience to the AEC market, he joined FARO in June 2016.

Brent Slawnikowski

Brent Slawnikowski

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