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In Episode 23 of the RCN Podcast, Matthew Byrd and Matt Daly of StructionSite discuss the evolution of construction technology and the implementation of 360° photo documentation on the job site.

“The construction industry in particular is still overcoming this ‘knowledge’ that photo documentation is a waste of time. They know that they need photos because today it does a couple of big things for them: it helps them have a very clear record of what’s behind walls and slabs … and being able to remotely look at what’s happening and sort of walk around [job sites] ... and the last piece that is at any point in time, you can go back and reference. That’s where the value from the photo piece comes in.”

- Matt Daly

Time Stamps​

(1:30) Matt Daly’s background

(6:10) The story of StructionSite

(10:00) The uses and benefits of 360° photo documentation

(12:30) The adoption of reality capture technology into new use cases

(23:06) How 360° photo documentation works

(32:50) Intelligent project tracking

(45:52) Thoughts on digital twins

(50:38) Thoughts on the metaverse

(56:00) How reality capture is in the involved in the future of work 

(1:02:13) Integrating drone capture into photo documentation

(1:10:02) What’s the future in building and construction?

Matt Daly

Matt Daly

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Matt is co-founder and CEO at StructionSite, an intelligent project tracking solution that combines 360 cameras and AI to capture and track progress on a construction site. Prior to StructionSite, Matt spent 9 years at FARO Technologies where he learned about lean manufacturing and process control while helping automotive and aerospace manufacturers implement 3D scanning solutions on their production lines.


Matt made the move to the construction industry in 2013 when he met one of his co-founders, Philip Lorenzo, who was working as a VDC Project Engineer on a large hospital project in Northern California. Matt assisted Philip and that team with the implementation of 3D laser scanning workflows for structural monitoring and floor flatness analysis which ultimately won that team a CETI award.  In 2017 Matt tapped Dan Zito, a college friend from back at UCSD, to join them and get to work building the first version of StructionSite. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and daughter where the three of them enjoy hikes, deli sandwiches, golf, and the occasional game of Ticket to Ride.

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