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On the RCN Podcast, Matthew Byrd interviews a wide array of professionals across multiple industry sectors, and covers topics such as reality capture, 3D laser scanning, UAV/drones, point clouds, virtual reality, BIM, artificial intelligence, digital twins, metaverse, thought leadership, branding, marketing, entrepreneurship,  and more..​

How are these different technologies being used in your industry? What type of problems are they helping solve? What's the best workflow for your type of projects? How do we communicate these types of services clearly to our clients and community as a whole? What types of problems arise when implementing new technology? How do you get started? These are a few examples of the questions we hope to answer through conversations with professionals in our community! We look forward to having you alongside us for this adventure, as we continue "bringing the future to you".

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Episode 20: #RCN2021

In this episode, RCN Host Matthew Byrd and Producer Phillip Ellering recap the first Reality Capture Network Conference. #RCN2021

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