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The [Reality Capture Network] is the largest network of 3D reality capture professionals, designed to connect businesses, technology, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs with a passion for or interest in 3D technologies. The goal of RCN is to educate, inform, train, and provide a go-to resource for those looking to learn more about Reality Capture Technologies, and all new innovative solutions in the built-environment. 

Reality Capture Network Podcast

Hosted by Matthew Byrd, President @ Nexus 3D Consulting


On the RCN Podcast, we interview experts and leaders across

multiple industry sectors, and cover topics such as 3D laser scanning, surveying, UAV/drones, point clouds, virtual reality, BIM, artificial intelligence, computer hardware, software, leadership, and more. 

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The Education Center


The Reality Capture Network Education Center is the home of past webinars, online Q&A sessions, and additional educational content from Nexus 3D Consulting and Reality Capture Network.

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