The Reality Capture Network

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The [Reality Capture Network] is the largest network of 3D reality capture professionals in North America, designed to connect business owners, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs with a passion for or interest in 3D technologies.

Reality Capture Network Podcast

Hosted by Matthew Byrd, Nexus 3D Founder & CEO


On the RCN Podcast, we interview experts and leaders across

multiple industry sectors, and cover topics such as 3D laser scanning, surveying, UAV/drones, point clouds, virtual reality, BIM, artificial intelligence, computer hardware, software, leadership, and more. 

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Episode 18
Captain Kirk McKinzie of McKinzie Smart Technologies
Episode 17
Brent Slawnikowski of Faro and Chris Rausch of the University of Waterloo
Episode 16
Sarah Hoffmann of Biomark
Episode 15
Jocelyn Correa of QK
Episode 14
Lindsay Prichard-Fox of TiverBuilt, LLC
Episode 13
Shannon Conaway of Conaway Geomatics
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The Education Center


The Reality Capture Network Education Center is the home of past webinars, online Q&A sessions, and additional educational content from Nexus 3D Consulting and Reality Capture Network.

Education Center Logo WHITE.png
iPhone 12 LiDAR Review 2
iPhone 12 LiDAR Scanner Capabilities Review 2
iPhone 12 LiDAR Review 1
iPhone 12 LiDAR Scanner Capabilities Review
Scan to Bim 301
Advanced Tips and Tactics to Maximize your Project Profitability
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Presented by Nexus 3D Consulting

Hosted by Matthew Byrd, Nexus 3D Founder & President

Our passion combines a love for 3D technology, innovative entrepreneurship, and customer service. Our core services are focused around land surveying (PLS CA), 3D laser scanning and UAV technology implementation. We want to help you successfully implement and grow the use of 3D technology into your projects by utilizing our experience, knowledge, and relationships in the industry. 

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